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Plumbed in Water Coolers UK

Water coolers and water boilers plumbed in with filters

Plumbed in water coolers and boilers will provide convenient, readily available & cost effective water systems and solutions for both your staff and visitors. Our plumbed in water systems can be supplied, installed and maintained at locations throughout the UK. A plumbed in water cooler or boiler will banish the need for all the inconveniences of bottles and kettles. No more bottled water ordering, storing or delivery arrangements to make - no cleaning or descaling kettles. Plumbed in water coolers and boilers are the answer to providing an easily maintained, reliable and safe drink vending solution.


 Why pay 6.00 per bottle and 13 per month when you can have unlimited chilled and filtered water conveniently dispensed from one of our plumbed in water solutions.

(WE DO NOT SUPPLY BOTTLED WATER. Pricing and pictures for comparison purposes only)

 Below you will see some of the many ways you will benefit from our convenient drinking water solutions .
  • Save up to 75% off your drinking water bills. (Typical savings of 70 per drinking water solutions cooler each year)
  • Your costs are fixed no matter how much water you require. (Typically bottled water consumption can double in the summer months)
  • No more heavy and unsightly bottles to order store and lug about.
  • No more complicated bottle deposits to reconcile.
  • Our filtered coolers dispense a constant supply of fresh chilled drinking water on demand. Many people prefer the taste of filtered water when compared with bottled water. (Our filters do not remove the beneficial and healthy minerals in the water.)
  • Why does bottled water cost the EARTH? Many of the bottled waters on the market are filtered from the mains. The bulk of the cost associated with bottled water is due to packaging and distribution. An unfortunate bi-product of this is endless amounts of poisonous gases being released into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. Not to mention the 1.5 million tons of plastic used to bottle the water.(As reported by WWF May 2001)


Why Choose AQUALOC for your water solution?

  • BEST OFFER GUARANTEE If in the unlikely event you find a better offer for similar products and services we will better it.  
  • Delivery,installation and servicing throughout the UK.
  • FREE Trial period (100% no obligation).
  • NO CONTRACT on purchased coolers, Short and long term rentals available.
  • SAVE money with a DIY servicing Kit.
  • Basic and premium service options available.
  • All installations comply with the Water Regulations(WRAS).
  • Engineers trained and certified by the EPDWA(European point of use drinking water association)
  • Onsite breakdown cover.
  • All products ex stock for prompt delivery.(over 100 coolers in stock)
  • 100's of satisfied customers including Schools, Hospitals, small and large companies.
  • Rent or Buy the choice is yours.
  • Contact us today for a competitive quote based on your requirements.
  • Contact us Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5pm 

Should you require assistance please call

  FREE PHONE: 0800 027 3101   


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